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How To Be A White Man

March 23rd -April 1st

*A Practical Guide to Getting Privilege you don't have But are Entitled to.
Who: Luna Malbroux & Kevin Glass
What: A 2 person Play
Where: AAACC’s Buriel Clay Theatre
When: March 22nd - April 1st
Why: We want to explore the relationships between 2 institutionalized opposites. Luna, a black woman, wrote a play about privilege and how she comes to terms with being a pawn in the chess game that was written for her. The play opens the door to conversation about differences and doesn’t point fingers but prompts one of the most important questions in pop culture and political society right now that sound a single concept: Power. What is power? Who has innate power? Who has to earn power? What can one do with their power? If I have power does that mean they also have power?